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Sweden’s startup sector

Sweden has a stong track record of succesful startups and tech companies. This strength can be explained by an engineering and entrepreneurship culture and early investments in information- and communication technology, notably in broadband infrastructure.

The Swedes are an increasingly digitized people. In a survey, Swedes and the Internet, it is showed that almost 100 percent of the population are using the internet and different digital services. Even in the oldest group, 76 years and up, more than half are internet users.

We have gathered a reading list for visitors who are interested in reading more about the Swedish startup sector:

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Chasing the tale of the unicorn, Skog et al. 

Stockholm, ou le charme discret de la tech suédoise, Les Echos (in French)

The Swedes and the Internet 2017, Internetstiftelsen

A guide to the Stockholm Tech Scene, Joseph Michael

Why do Swedish Startups succeed internationally? Interview at Le Web, Paris 2014 (Bennich, Hedberg, Wentrup)

Image: Aline Lessner,